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A trash truck turned right on a red light, striking our client as she was starting to cross in the crosswalk. She sustained significant abrasions, skin lacerations and a broken pelvis.


A large truck sustained a puncture to the saddle tank of the tractor causing fuel to spill onto the freeway. This in turn caused several cars to lose control, one striking our client.



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Wrongful death claims always involve the tragic consequences of an accident. Spouses and children are frequently left with little or no financial support after having lost their loved one. It takes a cautious and sympathetic approach to these claims, by a knowledgeable and experienced wrongful death truck accident lawyer. Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie has handled numerous wrongful death claims with excellent results. Look at our wrongful death personal injury web site for free information and library articles. We would like the opportunity to assist you or your loved ones as well.

Establishing proof of the physical and emotional loss requires a caring approach. The loss has to be acknowledged by a skeptical and often indifferent insurance adjuster or claims superintendent. It is not enough to expect them to understand your loss simply by telling them. These insurance company employees need to be educated on the true meaning of the lost ones life.

Our office will examine in detail the loss of life by documenting and developing a re-creation of their life story. We will use the words of family, friends and co-workers left behind, to prove the quality of the person whose life was wasted. Combining our experience with past cases and sound judgment the story of their life will become a legacy of their contributions to family and humanity.

Our office will also calculate the real financial loss to the family. We work closely with accounting and economic experts who will analyze not just loss of income from the victims job, but also loss of retirement benefits, loss of medical coverage, lost educational access and support, and lost life and health insurance opportunities. There are numerous hidden financial losses that are often overlooked by an inexperienced attorney. We were involved in one such case in which a husband tragically lost his wife. She took care of his mother, who lived alone, visiting her almost on a daily basis. When the wife passed away, the husband continued caring for his family, working, but now also needed to care for his mother. The extra expense was tremendous when a caregiver was hired to help the situation. The husband’s prior attorney overlooked this factor. Fortunately for our client, it was not too late. We recognized this oversight, and were successful in settling the claim in full.

For any your wrongful death truck accident or other claims, please consider Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie. We have the caring, experienced and knowledgeable staff to help you through this difficult time. Please call us for a free consultation at 1-888-752-7474 or Contact Us Page.

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