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A trash truck turned right on a red light, striking our client as she was starting to cross in the crosswalk. She sustained significant abrasions, skin lacerations and a broken pelvis.


A large truck sustained a puncture to the saddle tank of the tractor causing fuel to spill onto the freeway. This in turn caused several cars to lose control, one striking our client.



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Trucking companies do not put in the appropriate time or effort maintaining their trucks, and training their drivers. They try to save money through shoddy training and unsuitable maintenance of their equipment. Every year, thousands of innocent people are seriously injured because of these unfortunate practices. Whether the cause is a poorly maintained tractor-trailer, or the irresponsible behavior of a poorly trained driver, these truck accidents are preventable. The worst part is, the individuals responsible for these tragedies usually remain untouched by the justice system.

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