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A trash truck turned right on a red light, striking our client as she was starting to cross in the crosswalk. She sustained significant abrasions, skin lacerations and a broken pelvis.


A large truck sustained a puncture to the saddle tank of the tractor causing fuel to spill onto the freeway. This in turn caused several cars to lose control, one striking our client.



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Interstate 5 is a frequent location for traffic accidents involving trucks. Interstate 5 is the main interstate freeway that connects three states and several large cities on the West Coast of the United States. Commercially, it is very important as it stretches 1,381 miles from Vancouver, Canada in the north to Tijuana, Mexico to the south. It passes through significant cities like Seattle and Tacoma in Washington, and Salem and Portland in Oregon. The California section of the I-5 is a little more than 796 miles, and travels through all of the key cities in California, including Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Built in 1947, I-5 is one of the older freeways in California and goes by different names depending on where you are, and where you are heading. In Southern California, it is known as the San Diego Freeway or the Santa Ana Freeway. The most popular name for Interstate 5 is the Golden State Freeway.

Since the 5 covers such a vast area on the West Coast, it is a vital path for most trucking companies and their cargo. Detours and disruptions have become progressively more common. Much of these delays are the result of increasing traffic and a steady deterioration of the road. One such area is the Newhall Pass in Santa Clarita. There is a southbound tunnel that veteran truckers have described as one of the most dangerous spots on I-5. The tunnel was built in the 1970s and many truckers have complained about the blind spots and lack of sufficient lighting, as well as the steep descending grade.

If you have been involved in an accident involving your vehicle on this freeway, we have handled dozens of actions arising from this dangerous corridor. Call us at 888 752-7474 or Contact Us Page.

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