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A trash truck turned right on a red light, striking our client as she was starting to cross in the crosswalk. She sustained significant abrasions, skin lacerations and a broken pelvis.


A large truck sustained a puncture to the saddle tank of the tractor causing fuel to spill onto the freeway. This in turn caused several cars to lose control, one striking our client.



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The methods and practices of insurance companies differ, but their ultimate goal remains the same.  All insurance companies want to reach a quick settlement with the injured person.  They want to elude any future expenses that may arise from lost wages and other damages.  It usually takes many months for all the injuries to be known, and sometimes the victim may need additional surgeries, including spinal surgery or other extensive treatments.  This is specifically why the injured person needs to avoid the temptation of the hasty settlement that the insurance company proposes.

The injuries incurred, can leave the victim permanently disabled even after multiple corrective surgeries.  Only after a doctor has firmly established the extent to the injuries can the true value of the claim be assessed. Many times the insurance company wants you to be examined by a doctor of their choosing, without you being represented. It is unadvisable to agree to a personal injury examination with the defense.   The State of California allows a victim to file a California lawsuit for personal injury within a two-year period from the date of the accident.  For that reason, it is not necessary to rush to a settlement with the insurance company.

There are additional reasons to wait and allow all injuries to surface before accepting a settlement.  When the victim receives a settlement, a health insurance company that may have paid medical bills will often seek immediate reimbursement.  Or if the victim was working while they were injured, the worker’s compensation insurance company will try to attain repayment for any medical expenses or lost wages they paid out.  To protect the victim, there are specific limitations as to the rights these entities have to acquire these reimbursements.  Despite this, these are important topics that you must understand before agreeing to any sort of settlement to your claim.

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