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A trash truck turned right on a red light, striking our client as she was starting to cross in the crosswalk. She sustained significant abrasions, skin lacerations and a broken pelvis.


A large truck sustained a puncture to the saddle tank of the tractor causing fuel to spill onto the freeway. This in turn caused several cars to lose control, one striking our client.


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Truck  accident injuries and damages on the road are far greater than an auto versus auto accident because of the trucks tremendous mass. The impact by a truck upon a car, even at lower speeds causes great damage. The reality is that trucks are an essential part of society. Another truth is that many trucking companies are not taking responsible measures. They are hiring and inadequately training cheaper labor, as well as improperly maintaining trucks and not realizing the effects of overworking their drivers.

Trucking companies and their insurance companies know the damage they cause. This is evident in the elaborate investigative and damage assessment teams they have set up to defend themselves against accidents. These companies immediately dispatch their own investigators to the scene to interview witnesses, collect helpful evidence and mitigate their liability. While the victim of the accident is on their way to the hospital, these companies are figuring out how to defend themselves from liability. They tend to hire the most accomplished firms to defend themselves and will risk significant monies for an outcome in their favor.

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We have over 30 years of success in representing victims of truck accidents. With the skilled defense the trucking company will have on its side, it is absolutely necessary that you have an experienced truck litigation attorney on your side. Call us for a free consultation at 1-888-752-7474 or e-mail us at Contact Us Page.

Call us immediately, timing is very important. The sooner we are involved, the better we can assess the situation and forecast a successful result. We would like to be able to inspect the scene of the accident to see if any physical evidence still exists or has been overlooked. We will immediately request an inspection of the truck before any repairs have been done to help recreate the accident. It is also important that we speak to witnesses early, before the trucking and insurance companies can sway their opinions. When possible, we would like to contact the police officer before the report of the accident is written. This is to make sure he or she is provided with any helpful information to develop a favorable opinion of the accident.

The United States Department of Transportation has set forth laws that regulate interstate trucks. They set restrictions on the amount of time a driver may operate the truck, as well as the roads they may use and the lanes they may travel in. These special laws are meant to control methods of operations for trucks, but they may provide liability that is hidden from the accident scene investigation. Some of these regulations may not appear significant in the initial investigation. A common occurrence is for an officer to forget to check the time and log sheets for a truck driver after an accident. The driver could have fallen asleep at the wheel or may have been tired at the time of the accident because they exceeded the maximum drive times.

Along with the operational regulations, routine maintenance and inspections of trucks are required per State and Federal laws. Trucking companies are liable for any accident that is caused by a failure to keep the truck or equipment in operational condition. These companies are also responsible for any damage done by rocks, debris or other items being “kicked up” or falling off the truck. The successful prosecution of a truck accident must establish liability.

Call us for a free consultation if you or anyone you know has been involved in a California truck accident. Call 1-888-752-7474 or Contact Us Page.



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